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Busot is a small, yet beautifully charming village near to El Campello and 20 km from Alicante, 40 km from Benidorm. Busot has 2,500 inhabitants whose houses are grouped around a hill topped by a 12th century Moorish castle. The ruined castle formed part of Alicante's medieval defence system. Busot is situated within sight of the sierra known as the Cabeco d' Or (Golden Hill) which has beautiful views over Campello and neighbouring towns near to Alicante.

Being well signposted, Busot can be found 24km from Alicante City and 40km from Benidorm, sitting in a vast and beautiful wilderness which is both peaceful and refreshing with it's lack of building works, which is seen so much along the coast of Alicante.

The famous Canalobre caves (Cuevas de Canelobre) are located about 4km from the village and provide an awe-inspiring view across several towns and villages nearby. Driving to the caves, the views are stunning as the boundless, barren countryside stretches out as far as the eye can see below. Endless rows of craggy mountains complete the picturesque views and they are at their most spectacular as the sun sets behind the breathtaking mountain ranges.

Cuevas De Canelobre

Busot is dwarfed by it's neighbouring mountain Cabeco d'Or which sits 1,205 metres above sea level and is a stunning site. Climbing to the top is a great day out and takes about one and a half hours using footpaths that are marked out, although not very clear. Once at the top you will have a view "to die for" and it is highly recommended for the adventurer.

Busot Bars & Restaurants

La Casa is a highly recommended restaurant with an international cuisine that sits in the centre of Busot, in the town square and features stunning chef John Bishop, previously head chef at La Cova restaurant in El Campello. The food is delicious and there is a good choice available, as well as a good selection of wines and champagnes.


El Raco is a Spanish-owned bar run by couple Juan and Lisa. Spirit measures are huge compared with English measures and there is a friendly service, combined with outdoor seating and a pool table.


The Polybar is a local leisure centre which has a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, tennis courts and a squasj court. This is typically Spanish, but is also frequented by local English people.




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